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Driver Booster скачать бесплатно для windows 7


Driver Booster RC

Driver Booster - полезная программа, автоматически сканирующая и определяющая драйвера на ПК


Driver Booster RC

Fast & Secure One Click Driver Updates, DriverBooster 2

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 Every computer or computing machine, may it be a laptop, your desktop, or a server, may it be Windows or Mac, runs on drivers which drive the various hardware devices connected to it. These drivers control the wireless antenna and allows you to connect to WiFi, takes input from the keyboard, runs your speakers and each and everything that is connected to your processor. These drivers need to be updated in a regular fashion as the manufacturers start rolling upgrades and updates based on firmware and software. These updates are very much important and crucial for the best performance of your computer during its service period.

 Crucial Updates

 The outdated drivers might cause a lot of performance issues in your system like frequent crashes, hanging up during work, frequent loss of WiFi and all these can be attributed to the old drivers which cannot keep up anymore with the updated software that you are running on your system. They need to be upgraded and updated. 
 - DriverBooster 2 is the latest offering from Iobit that makes use of its latest technology to automatically identify outdated drivers and install the latest releases with just the click of a button.


 It comes with advanced security features that allow you to test a particular driver prior to installing it completely and remove the old drivers. If there is some performance downgrade, because of any unknown reason, and you feel that the earlier configuration was better, you can roll back your changes. 
- DriverBooster 2 will revert back the changes and will reinstall the old driver back. Thus, it helps to bring back the earlier state and acts as  a system restore.


 It comes with two packages with the basic set of features in the free edition and with more sophisticated backup and restore options in the professional version. This is only available for Windows and it supports its latest versions till Windows 8. 
- It is also backward compatible with XP. It is a meager 11 MB in size. 

 User reviews mention it to be very quick and reliable. It is also said to be lightweight on the system. It comes with a very pleasant user interface, which is simple to understand and follow, not cluttered but neat and clean and very intuitive.

 Finally,  many drivers updating software are available in the market, but there are a few which offer a good punch and stand true to what they claim to do.


 Driver Booster - полезная программа, автоматически сканирующая и определяющая драйвера на ПК

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Добавлена: 24 Apr 2015

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